Foaming Face Scrub


A 100% natural facial scrub with soft, airy foam to gently cleanse and remove impurities while helping to remove the dead surface cells that can accumulate. A light, and fluffy, cream / gel that foams readily and rinses clean, taking dull dry surface cells with it, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple with the glow of healthy radiant skin. Closer to micro-dermabrasion than traditional exfoliating cleansers the very fine, powders effectively remove the top layer of dead skin gently, and effectively allowing fresh, radiant, skin to shine through for a younger looking appearance.
Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate- A mild surfactant that gently removes excess oils and washes dirt away without drying or irritation
Purified water/vegetable glycerine-A humectant that draws moisture to the skin
Bamboo water-High in vitamin A, bamboo water helps hydrate the skin evenly leaving you feeling refreshed
Green Tea Extract -Increases hydration while reducing puffiness
Rosehip seed powder – A gentle exfoliator that helps rejuvenate the skin and help collagen production
Bamboo powder Rich in silica necessary for remineralization, offers gentle yet effective exfoliation
Cetyl alcohol Derived from coconut oil adds moisturization
Aspen bark extract A natural preservative that also helps smooth the skin

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