A six pack of beer inspired soaps! These soaps are made from our favorite craft brews. Each bar is made with the type of beer it represents. Each one is mildly scented with essential oils specifically chosen to complement/enhance the type of beer it is made with. Did you know that beer also adds some great qualities to a finished bar of soap? The bioactive molecule xanthohumol (present in hops) has shown to have antioxidant effects 100 times that of green tea and soy! A perfect gift for any beer lover.

Beer Soaps included in your six pack:

IPA- Made with hop flowers grown in our backyard and our favorite IPA. We’re not sure of the IBU but I Bet U love it!

Hefeweizen- The scent of this wheat inspired beer is of banana and orange with a bold clean finish.

Lager -Our favorite gold metal award winning Lager from one of Clevelands famous breweries located on our Great Lake Erie.

Stout Made from a famous breakfast Stout, has all the rich aroma of coffee and chocolate that will suggest a stop at the corner pub on your way home from work.

Pilsner This soap is just as clean and fresh and the pilsner we use to make it. What a great way to start your day.

Lambic This bar of soap is just as Sweet and fruity as your favorite Lambic. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!

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