Bare Naked

Take all natural to the extreme. Our Bare Naked line has no scent at all. Every item in the Bare Naked line is simply pure goodness for the skin. All of the great benefits of from the high quality oils we use, only scent free.

Bare Naked Bar Soap
Mild, creamy and smooth, the Bare Naked bar soap is ideal for sensitive skin. Stripped down to its bare essentials, this soap has no fragrance, no additives and gentle ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. Going au naturel has never felt so good!
Any 4 Bars for $20 or $6 Each
Bare Naked Lip Balm
No flavor, just a great balm your lips will be thankful for.
Bare Naked Gift Set - Large
This basket is a total package. A Bar of All Natural Soap, Foaming Hand Soap, All Natural Lotion, Body Butter and two of our all natural lip balms.
Bare Naked Gift Set - Medium
This gift has one of our All Natural Bars of Soap, matching Foaming Hand Soap for the Kitchen or Bathroom sink, an all natural ramie shower pouf and one of our all natural lip balms.
Bare Naked Body Butter
Bare Naked body butter has no essential oil or fragrance. It melts onto your skin and then works its way in as the hydrating oils absorb easily. Wow!
Bare Naked Foam Soap
Bare Naked foaming hand soap has no essential oil or fragrance and is 100% pure and all natural! This soap will foam up nicely and not only will it clean your hands, it will also moisturize them too!
Bare Naked Lotion
Perhaps we have taken the concept of all natural a bit too far. Our Bare Naked lotion has no essential oil or fragrance and is 100% pure and all natural lotion! It’s hard to believe a lotion stripped down to its bare essentials can feel this good. For best results, use bare naked!