STEM Handmade All Natural Soap

Body Butter

We do not ship our body butter in warm weather months due to the melting point of the product. It is available in-store. Please check back in mid-September to order.

Body Butter by STEM is, put simply, amazing! It’s one of the few true body butters you will find on the market. Most body butters list water as their first ingredient, which technically makes it a cream or a lotion. STEM's body butter contains no water - only natural oils that absorb easily resulting in skin that looks and feels healthy. Watch this video on the left to see how its made! Ingredients:
Kokum Butter- Softens the skin, helps restore skin flexibility, non-pore clogging, rich in antioxidants.
Cocoa Butter- High in vitamins K and E helping to repair damage caused by free radicals. Anti-inflammatory properties help protect against signs of aging.
Shorea Butter- It is said to help prevent drying of the skin and development of wrinkles while restoring skin flexibility.
Coconut Oil Absorbs easily, softening and soothing the skin. Good on all types of skin, especially dry!
Sweet Almond Oil High in vitamins E and A, Zinc and Potassium. Doesn't clog pores and helps your skin feel soft, smooth and free of fine lines.
Avocado Oil Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic. Is said to calm itchy skin, heal and replenish chapped dry skin.
Apricot Kernel Oil Is non-greasy and has high amounts of essential fatty acids to maintain the balance of moisture and fill in gaps between cells to leave skin silky and hydrated.